Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gatto the Senegal Parrot

When we purchased our first parrot, the pionus, I saw two beautiful orange and green parrots hanging upside down in a cage. They were so playful and mischievious and totally gorgeous that I couldn't stop staring at them. The breeder told me that they were senegals. We took Callie, our pionus, home that day and were completely enchanted with her but I couldn't stop thinking about the senegals. I went home and looked them up on the internet and read all about them. I called the breeder and asked when he would have babies available but he said the pair had yet to produce eggs for him. I did some searching for breeders of senegals but found none available. In the process I found the Indian Ringneck that I eventually purchased. Over time, we added more birds to our flock but I never stopped thinking about the senegals. One day, I was changing the newspapers in the bottom of the cages and an ad in the classifieds caught my eye (well, actually I always check the classifieds for birds). I couldn't believe this one, though, it was for a senegal and cage. I called immediately and learned that the bird was located about 2 miles from my job. He was the 3 year old single owner pet of a woman whose husband had recently died. She was going to have to rehome him in order to make other living arrangements for herself. And just like that....I had my senegal.

His name was Gatto and since he was already three years old, I decided to keep the name. His cage was an imitation HQ that probably had never been cleaned thoroughly. The woman was a smoker and the cage was coated in a thick layer of yellow nicotene as well. I loaded everything into the car and put Gatto in the travel carrier. On the way home, he called out "Hurry, hurry!" and "Mom?" Gatto had never been around other birds but he adjusted to the flock right away. He epecially loves Callie and preens her endlessly. He loves to talk and applies his vocabulary to appropriate situations. One day he was laying on his back in my hand and I was trimming his nails and he called out "Help!" He has a bit of a nipping problem and will bite an unsuspecting finger and then say "No!" or "Ow!" He loves to play with toys, especially ones he can destroy. He had also never been out on a playtop or perch but he did not need to be taught to stay on one. He loves to come out and sit on his playtop or visit Callie on hers. He is very comical in his actions and constantly entertains us. He likes my son, Jordan, the best and rarely bites him. I have learned, however, that most of his biting is merely bluffing and if I do not pull my finger away, he will just hold it in his beak gently and say "Ow." Biting or not....I love him to pieces.

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  1. Our Senegal Inday loves to hang upside down - she does it happily all day long.