Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ceazar, the Indian ringneck parrot, has made a breakthrough! Actually, he has made several in the past months. He no longer turns his back on me when I talk to him or feed him. I can now put my hands in the cage to do housekeeping chores without him clinging to the back of the cage in terror. He will take peanuts from my fingers and will fly to a cage top near me to get the treat. He says Hello frequently. He loves to fly and will return to his cage when I say "Night, night!" I cannot tell you how excited that each of these events has made me. Ceazar is a beautiful bird with smooth sleek feathers and the most gorgeous red beak. Also.....I do believe that he is actually a she! Ceazar is two years old this month and has no ring around his neck. Males usually develop this ring by this time. No matter, though.....I am constantly amazed by my lovely bird.

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